Take A Break

1st attempt macro

Macroing Spider

AF? this way...

Monsopiad Cultural Village Part 2

Riverside Cafe

Traditional Games Area

Gintutun Do Mohoing

Aka Ghost stone

Original image

Edited, there..

Close View

There's plenty more at another angle, i'm lazy to find :)

Good Luck!

Monsopiad Cultural Village Part 3

Random Pictures

Tourist guide

Cool looking tourist guy

Uncle showing off his Gulingtangan skill

Toilet anyone? hehe

At Tangkob

The House of Skulls

Before we enter the room we must say "siou do mohoing" because they still believe there's still spirits left in that room. Anyway, i added asalamualaikum and ask permision to enter first then Siou do mohoing!! Xp

Inside view

The skull of an Orang Utan

Dragon? Elephant? hmmm

Real Head Skulls!


Pure Tobacco

i tried once, absolutely very nice cigar.

Hanging Bridge