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Dk. Huzaimah and Ak. Ramdini's Engagement

On Hiatus


Raya!! Raya!! Raya!!

Asalamualaikum saya disini ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri kepada semua umat islam dan warga negara Brunei Darussalam!

Ampun dan maaf andainya aku ini…
Terkasar bahasa dalam bicara
Tersilap bicara semasa bersama
Termarah yang tak kena tempatnya
Tertanya tak tentu hala..
Tersasul yang tak sengaja
Terpukul kat mana-mana
Terpekik kuat di telinga
Terhantuk terketuk di kepala
Terpinjam terambil harta & benda
Termoody tak semena-mena
Terumpat bila ada cerita,
Teremail benda yang tak sepatutnya kau terima
Termacam-macam yang kena-mengena.. ,,
Di hari yang mulia sepuluh jari ku hulurkan semua,
Memohon kemaafan atas segala dosa yang ada
Kerana aku masih bernama manusia
Pastinya tak lepas membuat dosa
Semoga dimaafkan,
Salam Aidil Fitri Maaf zahir & Batin!

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Hadi & Fatin

I shot plenty of images that day.. here are some random pick.. enjoy :)

For those who want to hire me as a potrait photographer.. im open for any pre-wedding, casual, Fashion etc. Just email me. =)


Rawr.. Zaffie!

she's a tomboy.. seriously.. i asked her to wear something different, make her like a lady ;D i've been waiting for so long to shot her.. and.. to pose her?? its hard man! lastly i helped her to pose ini macam.. hehehe! enjoy.. thanks for watching.. enjoy.. more will upload tommorow. :)

Coming Soon!

3 hrs shooting for fun and Ain Lim joined me! thanks for coming ya.. =D

Photographers : Me & Ain
Models : Wanzy, Hadi, Zaffie and Fatin

Sunset at Pantai Jubilee, Kuala Belait

Tagged along by Wafi. Enjoy!

I ever jogged from here till Soon Lee and back here again.

Couples =D ! walking along the beach.

First Strobing Session

Yeah.. here it is! My trial and error strobing with Nate and Helm using one light only.. the other light not working.. Location at Kb Town. Enjoy =).

Nate's Canon and Equipments.
Artwork by me
Thanks guys.


Our first strobing trial and error photoshoot at KB town

Coming Soon!

Nuraqilah Zafirah's Mandi Berlawat

Fuhhhhhhhhh! what a week!.. Back to Bandar shooting, back to Kuala Belait studying. Here some photo taken from last sunday hehe =) enjoy!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Eddie and a big thanks to the family =) .


Hello! =) right now.. tengah membuat experiment... gaya DAVEHILL / KUKUBESI effects. memang susah nak buat... entah apa benda dia simpan dalam gambar dier. tengok pun semacam kartun je. Dengar khabar dia langsung tak pakai plug-in dalam photoshop. hmmm ini buat saya rungsing ne..

Cantik tak?
cantik siot beb! cuba saya try!

Ini hasil karya saya...banyak resipi masuk dalam gambar! letih lah masih banyak mahu diperbaiki.Will pratice more..

My Scrapbook Tutorial

Hello people this is my first tutorial making a scrapbook using photoshop. i make it as simple as possible & easy. I'll be glad if you find this useful. All you have to do.. find stock from the internet.. or i recommended take photo from above.

1. find photos for your scrapbook.

Example of original pictures from previous Scrapbook. mostly downloaded.

2. Extract carefully using Magnetic Tool got problem with extraction? click here.

Be patient, you'll get something like this. Save it & extract the rest of the photos.

3. Open new image for background and the flower. Here I'm using notebook stock as a background.Then go to flower window select all > copy > paste it to the notebook.

4. Resize & Rotate it, place anywhere you like.

Use the move tool (make sure you click on the show transform controls) resize, rotate, flip it whichever you like same goes to all the photos you want to add.

5. Use Blending Option to make it look 3D by applying drop shadow to the flower.

Go to the flower layer > right click > blending option > click drop shadow > drop shadow option
play with the opacity, angle, spread etc.

6. Make border using canvas size.

open new image > alt+ctrl+c
7. Paste!

Move the layers up and down. Want to learn more about layers? click here


This is my version with the add of brushes and patterned paper.

Please drop your comment and link here . I'll be happy if you show me your results.


How does it look like with photoshop? well i just give it a try..

Model and Photograph by Miss Lulu
Edit by Me
Inspired from Shabby Chic

Hope you like it =)

Beah & Fay II

Beah & Fay I

Patricia Lee II

Patricia Lee I


Outdoor shooting with JBCE Photography Club
, KB

[Click image for better resolution]

Model: Aisah

" tropical rainforest assignment for this holiday? outing :D "