Dk. Amni and Md. Zulfadhli's Nikah

Here's some of my Nikah Collection. Just want to share with you all :) Enjoceee~

Yehaaa Happy Photography Peeps~ more pictures to come...


Earth Hour Brunei Darussalam

Earth hour at Empire, 28/3/2009
sorry for the late posting.. I've been busy photo shooting and outing plus tones of editing from the others. anyway here some of the picture, enjoy the lovely and romantic candle light :)

The staff welcoming me that night.

Romantic yea? stairs, floors, tables.. candle everywhere

testing my tripod.. yes I've trouble with the night setting.. yikes! anyone want to teach me? will surf the internet next time.

so any couple got proposed that night? woshhh~

Oh yea i never get the chance to catch the opening earth hour.. i arrived there early around 7+ then i went back to Lambak to take my camera and tripod 0.O and reached around 8:40.. haha! so peeps.. always bring your camera.

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-C&C are Welcome-

Dk. Amni and Md. Zulfadhli's Engagement.

My first Video :)

Here are some of random pictures.. from the engagement. jom renung2 and senyum2 melihatnya heheh! hope you all enjoy it..
Anyway congratulation to both of you :) memang best.. and thanks for hiring me for your upcoming events.. i'll try my best although i'm not a wedding photographer.

-C&C are Welcome-