Hadi & Fatin

I shot plenty of images that day.. here are some random pick.. enjoy :)

For those who want to hire me as a potrait photographer.. im open for any pre-wedding, casual, Fashion etc. Just email me. =)


Rawr.. Zaffie!

she's a tomboy.. seriously.. i asked her to wear something different, make her like a lady ;D i've been waiting for so long to shot her.. and.. to pose her?? its hard man! lastly i helped her to pose ini macam.. hehehe! enjoy.. thanks for watching.. enjoy.. more will upload tommorow. :)

Coming Soon!

3 hrs shooting for fun and Ain Lim joined me! thanks for coming ya.. =D

Photographers : Me & Ain
Models : Wanzy, Hadi, Zaffie and Fatin