Nuraqilah Zafirah's Mandi Berlawat

Fuhhhhhhhhh! what a week!.. Back to Bandar shooting, back to Kuala Belait studying. Here some photo taken from last sunday hehe =) enjoy!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Eddie and a big thanks to the family =) .


Anonymous said...

Hi Alif Latif, I was just browsing through your photos and I found it as one great finish and angles which really attracts my interest. Do you by any chance, do photoshoot for personal event such as Mandi Belawat? I am currently looking for a photographer for my function this March, who can get all those angles and lightings like what you have in your blog. Hope to hear from you soon, cheers!

PS Great photos!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, my e-mail will be ''

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