Hello! will be update starting from now on.. heheh. =p . Today post about testing my skill in photoshop ;) . Ok lah, before im interested in photography.. i am more into designing etc. from adobe to illustrator then back adobe. dah lama dah guna adobe.. dari version 7.0 update ke CS -> CS2 -> CS3 then finally CS4. sampai dah lupa lah. memang ada rasa nak stop photoshop cause what i edit the quality of the picture(pixel) is not good.. all my previous work from year 05-07.. using 1.5 megapixel only. hahahah . manis eh! then i stop lah photoshop....few months later im so jealous pasal my old friend(mumu) atu ada Nikon Dslr... soooo i bought dslr with my own money.. XD im broke for few months + went for holiday vacation lagi !!! mampus! aha as a student BND $1,000++ rasa macam million XD but im not regret lah.. it's worth buying it.

anyway here some my artwork i made recently. just a simple vector :)

[Click image for better resolution]

Model: Azah (real jump from last sunset photoshoot which was not sucess haha, using available light)

Credits to my friend from computer section for giving me the latest software. They also willing to help me to find other software which is anything to do with photography stuff.

"hmmmmmmmmmmm need learn more photography ;)


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