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mumu said...

i love the last photo, very good lighting, tapi sayang its out of focus

Alif said...

heheh! thanks.. yeaa i hold the camera up.. without focusing.. T_T i love dat one too! esh ehhe

syafiq affendy said...

hey dude, i don't know which photo mumu is referring to, but i seriously love the last photo, lighting, the editing. sufficient vignette. the facial expression, skin tone.

but, focus bro, shouldve been sharp on the eyes, sayang ehh.. what lens did you use?

Alif said...

hello syafiq thanks it's natural light only.. and with the add some level and curve.. i think mumu referring to the last photo.

yea! sayang! Thanks for your input...i really need that..:D focus alif! i'm rushing that time cause it's gonna be raining.. i don't want my Dslr get wet.

i use both kits lens and 50mm 1.8.

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