Coming Soon!

Yes, my first engagement photo shoot of Dk. Amni & Md Zulfadli

Leave comment people? below this post.. ok? thanks :)

[Click image for better resolution]
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Lina Nurfiqah said...

lawaa :) really *thumbs up! kalau sharp sikit, lagi lawa. from my opinion lah -_-'

Alif said...

thanks! i think its sharp already there's no editing here.. original sharp.. try to enlarge it.. just click the image.. :)

ping said...

rugged yawww.... kan mana payah ajar. haha nadawah. cuti nanti outing, confirm. haha

Alif said...

hehe thanks ping! aha im still new.. there's many thing to learn! ok we go outing next holiday . thank you very much

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