Dk. Amni and Md. Zulfadhli's Engagement.

My first Video :)

Here are some of random pictures.. from the engagement. jom renung2 and senyum2 melihatnya heheh! hope you all enjoy it..
Anyway congratulation to both of you :) memang best.. and thanks for hiring me for your upcoming events.. i'll try my best although i'm not a wedding photographer.

-C&C are Welcome-


Lina Nurfiqah said...

lawaaa (y) i love it. lawa berabis. beseri-seri muka nya (; lawa eh! ahha. majal.

and i love yang gambar tukar cincin ah, cool. lin mahu! hahaha. lols. lawaa. excellent job puh!

Anonymous said...

I love the edit on the hand. Teach me! -Yasmin-

Alif said...

Thanks! ok yas :)

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